Witold Cęckiewicz is one of the most important Polish architects active after the World War II. He was born in 1924, thanks to his talent and ambitions he came to the position that enabled him the realization of important monuments as well as many prestigious modernistic architectural projects including Cracovia Hotel, Kijow Cinema and an iconic Polish embassy in New Delhi. He was also known for large housing projects in the form of urban settlements, first in the socialist city of Nowa Huta, then a model Podwawelskie housing estate. At the same time he also designed churches. Since the 60s to the present day church architecture is an important part of his work.
Cracovia - Interview with Witold Cęckiewicz 
Client: Instytut Architektury
Interviewed by: Dorota Leśniak Rychlak & Michał Wiśniewski
Research: Kamila Twarowska & Dorota Leśniak Rychlak & Marta Karpińska

Artistic supervision: Cecylia Malik

DOP: Maciej Piórek & Maciej Mroziewski & Paweł Satwinoga (4K)

Additional footage: Maria Koźbiał

Drone footage: Adam Koźbiał

Photographs: Jarek Matla

Archives: Witold Cęckiewicz & Muzeum Historyczne Miasta Krakowa & Muzeum Historii Fotografii

Music: Kevin MacLeod

Postproduction: Moviematic
Editing: Rafał Małecki & Michał Żołnowski

Animations: Michał Żołnowski

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